Cai Xiaofei,Deputy Head of Jiading District, Come to Inspect Dazhong Jiading

At 2pm on May 23,2018, Cai Xiaofei, deputy head of Jiading District, along with leaders of Jiading Environmental Protection Bureau and Water Supplies Bureau, and heads of each division, came to inspect Dazhomg Jiading. Accompanied by the group's President, Liang Jiawei, and vice President of the group, Yang Weibiao, Mr. Cai and other leaders conducted a field survey on relevant issues of the residents and the operation status.

In the process of the field research, Mr. Cai took on-site sampling of the discharge water and also inspected the operation of the sludge drying workshop. During the summary of meeting, Mr. Cai made the approval on the water quality, and proposed his suggestions on the problem of odor collection in sludge drying workshop and issues concern to the residents.

Bassed on Cai’s advise and requirement, Dazhong Jiading will positively improve and increase the investment in greening and landscape of the factory are to make the water discharge outlet more ornamental. By cooperating with the government, Dazhong Jiading tries to let the public have a better understand on the operation of the sewage plant. Dazhong Jiading will strengthen the management of collection and discharge of stinky sludge, and strictly control the discharge of stinky sludge from factories. With a great effort, the enterprise hopes to reach a harmonious relations of coexistence with the residents and pursue good social effects!

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