Dazhong Gas Won the Second Prize of Regional Development Contribution of Putuo District in 2018

On the morning of February 18, 2019, Putuo District's 2019 Top 100 Enterprises Commendation Conference and Business Environment Optimization Promotion Conference was held in Shanghai International Procurement Convention and Exhibition Center. At the meeting, Regional Committee and Government of Putuo District commended and awarded the units that have made contributions to the regional development in 2018.

The conference released the new version of measures to improve the business environment, and put forward 20 reform tasks from five aspects, highlighting the "five focuses", and implementing the "six help" of fine services. We will continue to be practical, precise and detailed, and serve the enterprises with heart and love, so as to help enterprises reduce costs, expand the market, attract talents and achieve rapid development.

Dazhong Gas was invited to participate and won the second prize of regional development contribution of Putuo District in 2018. Cao Liqiang, Secretary of Putuo District Committee, and Zhou Minhao, Deputy Secretary of Putuo District, affirmed and thanked Yang guoping, Chairman of the Group for its support to Putuo District. Dazhong gas will make persistent efforts to pay taxes and complete profits next year, and strive for the double harvest.

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