Jiangsu Dazhong Water Sewage Treatment Plant’s Increase Technological Upgrading Projects Passed The Completion Inspection and Acceptance

On April 18, 2019, another key project of Jiangsu Dazhong Water – the sewage treatment plant in  Pei County (hereinafter referred to as Peixian plant, operated by Peixian Fountainhead Water Operation Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Jiangsu Dazhong Water) successfully passed the completion inspection organized by people’s government of Pei County. Lu xuanhui, deputy general manager of the company, Hu Ji, chief financial officer, and Li Fanqun, senior consultant attended th acceptance meeting.

The first phase of Peixian plant was completed in December 2005, the first phase of bid raising and renovation was completed in July 2013, and the second phase was completed in January 2009. In recent years, due to the large amount of leachate discharged from landfill, the water quality of peixian plant is seriously out of standard. After repeatedly reporting to the competent authorities, the government of Pei County approved the implementation of the technical upgrading project in June 2018.

The design scale of the technical improvement project is 55,000 m3/d (the original design is 50,000 m3/d), and the designed inlet water quality is 55mg/l (the original design is 40mg/l), and the total nitrogen is 60 mg/l (the original design is 40mg/l). The main contents of the project are: expanding the first-phase and second-phase biochemical pool, adding fiber rotary filter, and building a new carbon source dosing room; Transform coarse grille, fine grille, biochemical tank, sedimentation tank, blower room, backflow pump room, dehydration machine room, power distribution room, laboratory, and etc.; building the new central control room, and adding new biological deodorization system and other auxiliary renovation. The project was officially launched on September 1, 2018. 

The expert group members of the completion acceptance meeting (10 people in total) have carried out site acceptance and data inspection successively, and they all agree that: the project acceptance data is complete, the project quality is qualified, the equipment and facilities are in normal operation, and they agree to pass the acceptance, and highly appraise the project quality. At the same time, the expert group also put forward the rectification opinions to the existing problems in the project. Finally, Lv Xuanhui, executive deputy general manager of the company, made a statement that we will listen to the opinions of the expert group with an open mind, seriously rectify the existing problems, and spare no effort to do a good job in fine management and standard emission, and cooperate with the government to complete the project audit. Meanwhile, we should keep an eye on the plant greening construction and the next special environmental protection acceptance work to fulfill social responsibility and improve the company's economic benefits to make new contributions!

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