Chairman Yang Guoping Attended The Board Meeting of Shareholders of Nantong Dazhong Gas

On the afternoon of April 20, 2019, Nantong Dazhong Gas held the seventh meeting of the fifth board of directors and the first shareholders' meeting of the year 2019 in the meeting room of Jiangsu Nantong Gas building. Mr. Yang, chairman of the Group, and Mr. Xu Xunguo, chief manager of Nantong municipal administration and garden bureau attended the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Mr. Zhuang Jianhao, chairman of Nantong Dazhong Gas, and attended by representatives of the Company's directors, supervisors and shareholders. The seventh meeting of the fifth board of directors deliberated and unanimously approved the 2018 annual general manager's work report; "Company financial final accounts in 2018 and budget report in 2019"; The company's 2018 annual profit distribution plan and other proposals. The first shareholders' meeting in 2019 reviewed and approved the company's profit distribution plan for 2018. Proposal on the election of directors and supervisors of the company.

The meeting completed the election of the fifth term of the board of directors and the board of supervisors of Nantong Dazhong Gas and the appointment of the management team. Mr. Zhuang Jianhao, Mr. Ke Pinjian, Mr. Zhong Jianming, Ms. Liu Xiang, Mr. Diao Zhenyu and Ms. Hu Mingfeng were elected as directors of the sixth board of directors of the company; Mr. Zhou Yongjun, Ms. Feng Xueqin and Mr. Gao Jun are supervisors of the company. Subsequently, at the first meeting of the sixth board of directors of the Company, Mr. Zhuang jianhao was elected as the chairman of the sixth board of directors and Mr. Ke Pinjian as the vice chairman. Mr. Ke Pinjian was appointed as the general manager, Mr. Zhong Jianming as the executive deputy general manager, Mr. Diao Zhenyu as the chief financial officer, Ms. Liu Xiang, Mr. Zhai Yabing, Mr. Li Weibing as the deputy general manager, Mr. Zhai Yabing as the chief engineer, Mr. Wen Renqing as the secretary of the board of directors. At the first meeting of the sixth board of supervisors, Mr. Zhou Yongjun was elected as the chairman of the sixth board of supervisors.

Shareholders and leaders of both sides fully affirmed the work of nantong gas in 2018. Mr. Xu Xuanguo from Nantong municipal park and forestry bureau asked the company to continue to optimize the business environment, form a safe closed-loop management, strictly abide by the bottom line of clean government construction, and increase the investment in the transformation and construction of gas pipe network. Yang Guoping, chairman of the Company, pointed out that in the face of the current gas source price fluctuations and other adverse situation, we should take the initiative to do a good job in all aspects of the work. Emphasis should be given to work related to safety of gas supply and facilities, development of other gas fields and markets, research on gas sources, construction of smart gas, gas construction and development planning in combination with overall urban planning, and promotion of price transmission mechanism. Strive for a better result in the New Year. 

After the meeting, chairman Yang Guoping communicated with the secretary general of Nantong municipal government, director of Nantong municipal development and reform commission, director of Nantong construction bureau and other leaders.


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