The leaders of Nantong Congress Committee visited Nantong Dazhong Gas for inspection,and expressed sympathy and solicitude under hot weather

In the morning of July 26, 2019, Deputy Director of the standing Committee of Nantong Municipal People’s Congress and Deputy Secretary of the Party Group, Zhuang Zhongqiu, came to the gas source department of Nantong Dazhong Gas to inspect the production safety in summer and expressed sympathy and solicitude under hot weather, along with some leaders of relevant departments of the city. Deputy Director of Nantong Municipal Administration and Landscape Architecture Bureau, Yang Juan, and the Chairman of Nantong Dazhong Gas, Zhuang Jianhao, accompanied the leaders to participate in the activity. General manager of Nantong Dazhong Gas, Ke Pinjian, reported the safety production and supply of natural gas for the company in summer. Municipal leaders visited the staff who stick to the production line and expressed their concern, urging everyone to pay attention to the staff and implement the work of preventing heatstroke and reducing temperature.

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