A trickle of love,DZUG raised 250 thousand yuan of love donations to help prevent and control the epidemic

On March 6, the Party Organization secretaries of the two listed companies, Dazhong Transportation Group and DZUG, went to Tianlin street together and handed over the love donations of the mass party members and the masses to the Party Working Committee of Tianlin street and Tianlin community foundation respectively.

In response to the call of the Central Committee of the party, which is centered on Comrade Xi Jinping, the Communist Party members and the masses of workers and staff in Dazhong Group enthusiastically donated money to support the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control work. In just one week, the Party Organization has received donations from Party members and the masses totaling more than 250 thousand yuan. Party members' donations will be handed over to Party organizations at higher levels, it is used to confront medical workers, grassroots cadres and masses, public security and community workers, the masses who are living with difficulties in the new crown pneumonia, and the families of the people who died due to the new crown pneumonia, and condolences to the families of the cadres and their families who died at the outbreak of the epidemic prevention and control struggle. The donations from the masses were remitted to the Tianlin community foundation to support and condole the hard-working community workers in the front line of epidemic prevention and control, and convey the deep feeling of the joint construction of Dazhong Group and the Tianlin community.

Wang Dongliang, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Tianlin street, and Su Xiaochao, director of Tianlin street, thanked Dazhong Group for its support to the community. Li Xinhua, director of the Standing Committee of Xuhui District People's Congress, who is inspecting Tianlin street, highly praised Dazhong Group’s sense of social responsibility and the love, and encouraged all enterprises subordinate to Dazhong Group to adhere to both epidemic prevention and control ,and return to work and production, so as to ensure safety and promote development.

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