DZUG is listed in Sullivan 2020 China new infrastructure enterprises list, smart city enterprises

On July 28, 2020, the expert jury of the 13th growth, innovation and Leadership (GIL) summit of Sullivan 2020, China's new infrastructure enterprises list, was opened at Shanghai Ruiji Hotel and Sullivan Hong Kong office at the same time. 

The expert panel of Sullivan 2020 China new infrastructure enterprises list is composed of leaders of well-known listed companies in the industry and experts from the financial sector. Mr. Yang Guoping, chairman of the group, attended the Shanghai jury and served as the chairman of the expert panel of the Shanghai jury.

On August 18, 2020, Sullivan 2020 new infrastructure enterprises live broadcast ceremony and the 13th Gil growth, scientific innovation and leadership summit was held. The 2020 China new infrastructure enterprises list will pass the evaluation mechanism of snowball Club voting and experts' opinions. The voting results of the two parts will be included in the final result with a weight of 50%. The final enterprises will be selected jointly. DZUG will be listed in the smart city category.

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