Annual general meeting of shareholders in 2020 held by DZUG

On the afternoon of June 18, 2021, Shanghai Dazhong Public Utilities (Group) Co., Ltd. held the 2020 annual general meeting of shareholders on the third floor of Dazhong Building, 1515 Zhongshan West Road, Shanghai. 41 shareholders and authorized representatives of A-share and overseas listed foreign shares attended the meeting, representing 685874251 shares, accounting for 23.2308% of the total share capital of the company.

The convening and voting methods of this shareholders' meeting comply with the company law, the rules of shareholders' meeting of listed companies, the Listing Rules of Shanghai Stock Exchange and the articles of association. The general meeting of shareholders voted on the matters listed in the notice of the general meeting of shareholders by combining on-site voting with online voting. The meeting deliberated and passed the work report of the board of directors in 2020, the work report of the board of supervisors in 2020, the financial final accounts report in 2020 and the financial budget report in 2021, the profit distribution plan of the company in 2020, and the proposal on the prediction of the company's daily related party transactions in 2021 The proposal on the company's application for bank credit line in 2021, the proposal on the company's guarantee for external financing of holding subsidiaries in 2021, the proposal on the company's cash management with idle self owned funds, and the proposal on the renewal of the company's domestic audit institutions and internal control audit institutions in 2021 The proposal on the renewal of the company's overseas audit institutions in 2021, the proposal on the company's plan to register and issue ultra short term financing bonds and short term financing bonds, and the proposal on the company's plan to register and issue medium term notes. You Guang and Zhang Bowen of Shanghai Jinmao Kaide law firm witnessed the scene and issued a legal opinion.

Yang Guoping, chairman of the board of directors of the company, presided over the meeting and led the management team of the company who attended the meeting to have a full communication with the shareholders on the development strategy of the company in the next five years, the expansion and risk control of main business sectors, quasi finance, venture capital industry, corporate governance, investor relations, etc. Turning to the 2021 business plan, chairman Yang Guoping said that in 2021, the opening year of the 14th Five-Year plan, the domestic and international economic situation is still grim and complex. The company will actively respond to the uncertainties brought about by COVID-19 and the external business environment, and adhere to the industrial development path of "public utilities and financial venture capital go hand in hand", and maintain a steady business style, further improve the company's standardized operation and governance level, constantly explore new performance growth points, and strive to create good performance return to shareholders.

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